Thoughts From Our Patients

Thoughts From Our Patients...


"For the first time in my life I look forward to going to the dentist’s office.  Dr. Nitschke and his staff are warm, caring people who know how to make you feel at ease and confident that you will be well be taken care of.

(Louise N.) Brighton, NY



“When our dentist retired back in 2010, we were in need of a new provider who we could really trust and begin a long term relationship.  I figured the dental lab would be a great source of top notch referrals since they know and work with all the dentists in the area.  To that end, Dr. Nitschke came very highly recommended.  I then set up an appointment to go in and chat with him before we ever sat in his chairs.  And as they say, the rest is history. 

Since then, my wife and I have needed considerable work and Dr. Nitschke has been nothing short of tremendous.  Not only is he a perfectionist and very caring, Dr. Nitschke is a bonafide craftsman at what he does, which we so appreciate.  He does things as he would want them done for himself and never cuts corners.  He’s a great communicator so there’s never any surprises and a master at painless injections when needed (and believe me, I am no lover of injections).  It’s pretty amazing.  And on top of it, he’s a great and normal guy who’s very easy to talk to during a visit. 

And Margie, his longtime assistant and office manager, is both terrific and helpful. 

Without hesitation, I can confidently say with our very high expectations, Dr. Nitschke is the gold standard by which all other dental providers should be evaluated….”

 (Michael L.)  Pittsford, NY  


“Dr. Jim,

Many thanks for the time and effort you spent on my mouth.  I am so pleased and happy with the end results.  You and everyone in your office made each visit seem like visiting friends.

Thanks again,”

(Jane L.) Pittsford, NY 


"Dr. Nitschke,

Thank you for taking so much time and consideration in helping me with my teeth.  I appreciate it more than you know.  Thanks,”

(Matt B). Rochester, NY  

“You took the greatest care fitting my crown and making sure that the color and shape blended well with the rest of my teeth.  Now I can smile without embarrassment.  Thank you so much!”

(Gene G). Webster, NY



" I have been a patient of Dr. Nitschke since he began his practice. Through these many years, I have had a number of issues with my oral health. Dr. Nitschke has consistently gone out of his way to address these issues in a way that is unconventional, based more on my comfort, than on just doing the bare minimum required.  His innovative idea's and technique's have had an enormous impact on my ability to retain my real teeth, and to still enjoy the foods I have my entire life.  The best part about this is that he has done it in a way that hasn't made me feel like I am a problem, or a difficult patient.  The comfort level I have felt throughout these years has been as though I am going to visit one of my relatives, rather than going to a dental appointment.  His abilities and imaginative techniques are off the chart.  I often find myself bragging to friends about some of the procedures he has performed.  I am extremely lucky to know him as a Doctor, and as a person.  He is more than a great Dentist, he is a great humanitarian.  He truly cares about people, above and beyond his craft.


I am proud to say that James Nitschke is my Dentist and my friend.    Thank you so much for everything ! 


(John C.) Rochester, NY 


 “You deserve a special "thank You" for replacing a very worn out cap on a front , upper tooth-a very visible tooth.  I am amazed and delighted about how natural the new cap feels and looks…. You made me feel comfortable throughout the whole procedure.  You explained what you were doing every step of the way.  You did not proceed without conferring with me first.  I think that this is very responsive dentistry and I am glad that you are our family dentist.”

(Dayle L.) Rochester, NY 


 “I have been a patient of Dr. James R. Nitschke, DMD since he took over Dr. Loder’s practice in 1994.  I am 84 years old and over the years I have been a patient of a number of dentists.  I have found Dr. Nitschke to be one of the most caring, knowledgeable, and dedicated dentists I have known.  I have been very pleased and happy with the results of his work and would highly recommend him to my family, friends, and anyone in need of a good dentist.”

(Isabelle Y) West Henrietta, NY


 “Dr. Nitschke,

At 63, I found myself with lingering dental “issues” not addressed carefully in the past.  You are my 5th lifetime dentist and my best!  Thanks for communicating so  clearly and candidly, and for holding yourself to such a high standard of meticulous work.  I appreciate your office team, too.  All so professional, efficient and personable.  The specialists and the lab you’ve referred me to for implants, crowns and that long-overdue root canal have all given me excellent results!


(Veronica .H), Webster, NY. 


 “Dear Dr. Nitschke

“…..Mathew  told me how much he liked you & how relieved he is since he was (…never a big fan) of going to the dentist.  He could not say enough nice things after his appointment yesterday.  Thank you for taking him on as a patient.  Sincerely”

(Stefanie G) Rochester, NY 


  “Dr. Nitschke,

I am truly grateful for the comprehensive new patient exam you performed on me, yesterday.  Your evident skill, experience, and compassionate manner combined to produce, for me, the most positive and constructive dental visit I have known in years."

(Published with Pt.'s permission but name withheld by request)


 "Thank you for caring!  for being so thorough, patient, understanding, communicative, and encouraging.  Afterwards, I silently returned thanks to our maker, for giving you the gifts you possess.  Sincerely,”

(Kathryn J.) Geneva, NY 


 “I have a wonderful dentist, James Nitschke, who has taken care of me and my teeth for years.  Recently I had a new upper appliance made and it’s been perfect.  I left town for four months and never had a problem with it.  He is a wonder!  I would recommend him to anyone”

(John W.) Pittsford, NY


"Since my childhood I have been terrified of dentists.  As a result, my teeth never got the routine care that they needed, and I lost almost all of them.  In the early 90's, I had dentures made and over the years following, they stopped fitting properly and in fact broke a couple of times.  When it got to the point that I could barely chew anything, I went to Dr. Nitschke, my husband's dentist for many years. 

Dr. Nitschke was extremely sensitive to my fears, and after an examination and assessment of my problems, he recommended a course of treatment that would result in well fitting dentures that would need only a routine annual visit to maintain the comfort and good fit.  

I followed his proposed treatment plan and finally, after a lifetime of fear, I don't have to wake up every day thinking of my teeth and the fear of needing  to do something about them.

Dr. Nitschke is a wonderful dentist and does wonderful work.  I cannot thank him enough for what he has done for me."

(Margaret W.) Fairport, NY